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Battlefields of Belgium and France tour.

Every September, cadets from all across No.1 Welsh Wing attend a 372 organised trip to the Somme region of France and the town of Ypres, in Belgium. We attend various historical areas and battlefields of the First World War.

Sgt Luke Beecham of 372 squadron described the trip as “highly insightful and an unforgettable experience.” He added that he believed the trip would be even better if he had been studying GCSE History. As the trip is educational, the majority of schools allow for time off as unfortunately the trip takes place over a long weekend at the end of September. This year cadets are going once again and the majority of cadets are going back for the second, third and even fourth time!

Why not come along and see “What we do” for yourself.

Air Cadets Act of Remembrance

Recently, Air Cadets from 372 (Barry) Squadron, remembered the 110 fallen Barry soldiers from the great wars; by laying a cross of remembrance on each of their graves at Barry cemetery, prior to Remembrance Sunday.    

The Air Cadets have again continued the work of Phyllis Wells; who had been tending to the war graves for over 60 years at Barry Cemetery.  The Cadets simple and yet poignant act of laying a cross and smartly saluting each headstone was very moving as the cadets remembered soldiers, sailors and airman many of whom were not much older than themselves at the time of their death.

Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Jason Horton, paid tribute to the Cadets for their assistance “the Air Cadets once again did a wonderful job today, paying their respects to the soldiers of Barry who made the ultimate sacrifice and they should be rightly proud of what they have done”.

This year was all the more poignant as the Cadets have recently returned from a trip to Belgium and France.  Their trip included visits to the Ypres Salient and Somme battlefields as well as memorials and cemeteries of world war one.

Sgt John said “I went on the recent trip to Belgium and understand the sacrifices which these soldiers, sailors and airmen made.  I am proud to say that this is the second year that I have paid my respects in this way”

The Cadets who assisted were – Natasja Gill, Luke Beecham, James Jellinski, Callum Dowdell, and Tom John.

As well as ceremonial and community duties the Air Cadets undertake many exciting activities and opportunities including flying, gliding, shooting, sports, adventure training, team building exercises, expeditions, visits and field craft training and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expeditions.